Multi Functional Baking & Pizza GAS Oven in Bangladesh

Key Points Of Product

  • Multifunctional Equipment: Our pizza oven for restaurant can bake smaller, medium or large size pizza alongside it can prepare biscuits, cakes, breads and other baking items. This is the reason why it is known as Multi Functional Baking & Pizza GAS Oven .
  • Power: Our professional pizza oven can provide pizzas for your restaurant with the convenience of gas. This natural combustion provides efficient pizza baking and gives a unique flavor.
  • High Quality Pizza Machine: The commercial pizza machine is designed to keep up in the rush hours at your restaurant, as well as display a powerful temperature to give you a crispier, brick-oven styled crust pizzas and all the bakery items that your customer will love.
  • Stone Used Inside: We use stone in one deck of the commercial pizza machine so that the pizza can come out smoother and delicious.
  • Number of Tray and Decks: You will get 9 trays and 3 decks along with our south star oven. You can bake pizzas on one deck and also you can make cookies or breads on the other two decks as well.
  • Separate Control Option: In our Multi Functional Baking & Pizza GAS Oven, you can set up different temperatures on the different decks according to your requirement. Suppose you can adjust 400 F on one deck, on the other decks you can adjust 200 F easily.
  • Area of Use: Highly recommended for restaurants, pizza shop, pizzeria, bakeries and all the pizza related food courts.

Product Features

·         It can make various kinds of bread, including pizza, sweet bread, square bread, baguette, cream cake, and other foreign pastries
·         Utilizes conductive heat to quickly and precisely cook your fresh foods
·         The use of first-class insulation materials, heat preservation effect is good, save energy.
·         Easy to maintain and clean
·         Highly recommended restaurant, coffee shop, food court, bread factories and bakeshops
·         1 year warranty

Product Specification

·         Brand·         South Star / Unique
·         Model·         3 Deck
·         Origin·         China
·         Deck Dimension (L x W x H)·         51 inch x 25 inch x 9 inch
·         Product Dimension (L x W x H)·         69 inch x 34 inch x 67 inch
·         Power·         Gas
·         Tray·         9

Why Use This Product

The popularity of pizza as a menu item is undeniable. From high-volume restaurants to fantastic cafes or pizzerias, this pizza demanding matter is hard to neglect. If you are thinking about gaining on this really like, you will have to make a lot of options, such as what type of commercial pizza oven to buy. Picking out the right professional pizza oven is essential to starting your pizzeria, restaurant or cafe. From large, commercial operations to hole-in-the-wall family-owned businesses, what is appropriate for one establishing may not benefit a different of a business. Things like volume, space, and fuel source and pizza type are all things to think about when picking out a pizza oven for any foodservice area. Let’s find out a few of these factors and discuss the information that go into buying the best expert pizza oven for your business.

Looking for an expert pizza oven can be difficult and contains a lot of work. This is really inconvenient, especially if you are a busy restaurant or takeaway owner. The stress being that you want something which is both cost-effective and effective, efficiency also works an aspect when you are looking to purchase your pizzeria oven. Given that many people like to order commercial pizza oven when in a restaurant or restaurant or takeaway, the commercial pizza oven is now one of the most popular resources to have in your kitchen place area. This is the reason why we are introducing our Multi Functional Baking & Pizza GAS Oven  that can offer multiple functions for you.


Our Multi Functional Baking & Pizza GAS Oven  can play a very important aspect in the flavor of the food or pizzas, more so than the ingredients, sauces and other elements. In choosing a good professional pizza oven for your restaurant, it can be quite difficult choose the best one for you as there are many types in the market.  If you wish to open a traditional sit-down pizza place or pizzeria, this multiple functional pizza oven may be a better choice for you. They work by having multiple decks inside the pizza oven with stone and sheet. After placing a fresh pizza on top of this deck, the deck transfers heat to the pizza. This allows this Multi Functional Baking & Pizza GAS Oven  to similarly heat the crusting and the parts on top. Because of this, these are best for restaurants and cafes who wish to produce a fantastic pizza. They are also good options for restaurants and cafes who want to support products other than pizza, such as cookies, bread, or other bakery items. Multi Functional Baking & Pizza GAS Oven  is more versatile, with the prepare having higher control overheated variety varies and ventilation. Since the chef can decide when to remove the food, it can be cooked either more or less done. This allows you to make many different types of pizza, as well as other things in these, varies. If your restaurant is going to support anything other than one particular type of pizza, then you should choose this type of pizza oven. They are also easier to clean up and less expensive to fix. Last up, these commercial pizza ovens are ideally developed for those who do not have space (or perhaps the budget) for a wood-fired pizza oven, but still, want to put out wonderful pizza with a more authentic taste. With these pizza ovens, the shelves or ‘decks’ of the pizza oven are produced from stone, which is then heated by the natural gas losing to the required heated variety. A pizza deck oven can achieve heated variety varies between 400 and 600 °F, making it higher than some oven types, but not quite in the same team as a wood-fired pizza oven. The use of stone makes a big improvement in conditions of reliability, but some would declare it is still not quite up there with conventional ovens.

If you want to know how to cook the delicious pizza, you only need to ask the Italians. And if you ask the Italians, they will always tell you that if it’s not cooked in a stone based commercial pizza oven, it is not a traditional or authentic pizza. Generally, the type of oven that your pizza operate should buy is based upon on what type of restaurant you want to develop. If your restaurant is a high-volume operate and is devoted to only one type of pizza, buy our Multi Functional Baking & Pizza GAS Oven . They will produce more desserts with less work from your chefs or culinary experts. While neither oven has a clear advantage for everyone, the benefits each have are exclusive. To maintain your restaurant improves its efficiency, it is important that you buy the one that meets your restaurant’s idea and amount.


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