Automatic Temperature Control Meat Display Chiller in Bangladesh

Product Code: NI 1369

  • Temperature Control: Meat Display Chiller manages temperature automatically. This refrigerator will provide the ideal temperature according to how it needs to be. 
  • Meat Chiller Size: The overall display size of this fridge is 6.5 Feet (78”) in length, 3.5 Feet (45”) width and 3 Feet (36″) in height. 
  • Curved Front Glass: Meat Display Chillers are generally developed with clear tempered and curved glass. This is two fold benefits. First of all, your customers can clearly see the meat items on the inside of the fridge thus making. Secondly, customer can open the glass in front and check the items before purchase. 
  • Availability: These refrigerators are always available in our stock. If it’s not, then we import these refrigerators within few days.
  • Warranty: You will get 1 year warranty service with this meat display freezer.

Product Video


·         Display meat with protected system.
·         Refrigerated storage compartment.
·         Firm and strong structure for longer lasting.
·         Customizable size and shelves.
·         High quality compressor.
·         Insulated front glass back sliding door.


·         Products type ·         Meat Display Showcase (freezer)
·         Capacity ·         3600L
·         Refrigerant ·         R22
·         Size ·         Available different size
·         Shelves ·         Customizable
·         Temperature ·         3-8 degree centigrade
·         Freeze color ·         Selective
·         Display area ·         8.4 (customizable)
·         Power supply ·         220v
·         LED light ·         Yes
·         Climate type ·         ST
·         Rated power ·         OEM
·         Compressor ·         Without
·         Condenser ·         Inside
·         Place of Origin ·         China (main land)

Why Use This?

In the Super Markets butcher shops or in meat sell market or shops Meat Display Chiller can be one of the best product for extending the business. This meat display freezer  is used as commercial purpose. Meat such a thing which got rotten or spoilt after certain period. So, if it is seen that meat is being spoilt before sold in that case we usually sell them in cheap price at the eleventh hour and we become victim of loss. In this situation this display freezer can be the only solution of this problem. This Meat Display Chiller is able to keep the meat in original state during  long period of time like a deep fridge. Though this is a freezer process but the customer can view the meat and meat product through the clear glass panel. These glass panel is highly insulated and thermal resistant so the temperature is not become fluctuate. So, this is why this display freezer is called commercial Meat display freezer. If you use this display freezer in your butcher shop or meat sell shops or market you will see that you are being profited much than before as the meat products are not being rotten during long time. The physical structure of this Meat Display Chiller is very strong the exterior part of the freezer is totally made with high quality stainless steel and the interior portion of this display freezer is used stainless steel and aluminum . If you wish to get different size of meat displays freezer, you can get it the size is totally customizable and if you want to get different number of shelves; its also possible you can have single and multiple shelves in it. The temperature is able to control according to the requirement and the compressor installed in the display freezer is highly quilted. This Meat Display Chiller is available in Dhaka. We distribute the products throughout the country including Dhaka city by home delivery of parcel or courier service. So, anywhere you can be you can have this product without tension just place an order to us.

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