Tempered Glass Motion Sensor Automatic Sliding Door Price in BD

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Key Points Of Product

  • Self Calculating Smart Sensor: Motion Sensor Automatic Sliding Glass Door is a system of the self-calculating smart sensor. As a result, the system will provide the facility of the automatic and accurate gate open with close positioning. 
  • Safety Detection: This smart sensor sliding door will provide the best security no doubt. There is an option of automatic stop for resistance during opening gate, also has automatic reverse for resistance during closing gate which ensures the best security system to use. 
  • 24 Volt DC Motor: This automatic door solution made with quality DC24v motor. It’s the design of integrated mechanic and electric structure streamline fashionable outline. 
  • Optional Parts: You will be delighted to know that we are providing flashing light, photocell, keypad system, solar system etc with this complete package. 
  • Back up Battery: You don’t have to worry about the battery system because the backup battery is available. It can work during power failure, battery status display. 
  • Usage: Motion Sensor Automatic Sliding Glass Door is a perfect, best and smart entrance option in Hospitals, Airports, Retail Centers, Pharmacies, Hotels, Grocery Stores, Hardware Stores, Sporting Goods Stores And more.

Product Features

Universally Applicable
Customized Size
Equipped With Powerful  Motor
Latest motion sensor or Photo sensor technology
Quick identification
Huge Longevity

Product Specification

·         Brand·         Space
·         Model·         SP 280 Series
·         Max Weight per door leaf. Wing·         1 Leaf·         1X180 KG
·         2 leaf·         2X140 KG
1 Leaf·         500-3000mm
·         2 leaf·         1000-3000mm
·         Max Passage hright H·         3100mm
·         Dimensions (Height X Width)·         170 X 110 mm
·         Opening Speed·         0.1-0.9m/s (Adjustable)
·         Closing Speed·         0.1-0.8m/s (Adjustable)
·         Motor Power·         80W
·         Mains Connection·         AC 100-240V, 5 A 50/60hz
·         Operating Environment·         -20 D Celsious +50 D Celsious 10%-90% RH

Why Use This Product

Motion Sensor Automatic Sliding Glass Door is alternative developed to meet the modern specifications of the design. They smartly improved look of commercial areas and work environment. These are ideal for workplaces, shopping malls, apartments, hotels, cafes, conferences, and others. This is why Projuktishop is offering a complete wide range of automated sliding glass door System. Automated sliding entry methods provide extensive flexibility and comfort for simple and quick access without contact with it. In our extensive wide range of products, you will find the right entry solution for every building, whether for set up during its development or for retro-fitting. People feel that automatic sliding door system price is very expensive, but we are giving this at reasonable price for you. Since Motion Sensor Automatic Sliding Glass Door can begin without the use of hands, they offer convenience to everyone even with baggage in each arm or holding a cart. Automated sliding doors are commonly used at high traffic locations like commercial components, hotels and group locations to show care and good customer assistance. Auto sliding door provides things to look for by getting everyone goes into easily, regardless of their age groups or physical capabilities. These are also used at the various point of time such as the house and commercial car ports. Keeping track of on the various together with your automated sliding door openers, you could see plenty of amount of people based upon these. Let's examine few of the quality together with your same as under. Automated sliding sensor gateways successfully enhance power saving reducing annually cooling and warming costs. Gates begin only when activated and immediately close so to take away the gateways being left begin. A sliding sensor activated door that reveals instantly resolves the problem of having to personally open a large entrance. It’s hands-free, practical and easy to use. This automatic sliding door system features sensor, electronic timers, and remote control to allow you to secure and open up the gates without being actually present. They provide you the satisfaction that your office or business is in safe arms. The most obvious benefit of setting up an automatic sensory gate is added security because it will prevent fraudsters and thieves at both commercial and residential properties. In addition to avoiding illegal access, a security gate at your home will keep animals and children safe inside your yard and away from should or traffic. You control who can availability your property, so the only those who enter your home or workplace are individuals you allow. Motion Sensor Automatic Sliding Glass Door will allow keeping and feeling secure. Compared with manual gateways, you can near an automated sensor gate, so if someone does not remember to shut it, you can protect your property with the remote. At the same time, you can allow visitors get in your home or office without strolling out to the gate or making it start all the time. When you are driving, you don’t have to get out of your car to start or near the gate, which is especially important in climate or when it’s black outside. You can also adjust the closing gate delay time of the automated slide gate. If you have a gate for your home or are considering about establishing one, automatic door solution will make your life so much easier. These automated sensor gateways aren’t just functional; many modern designs are also successfully awesome. When choosing which kind of gate to installation in your home, consider the several benefits of an automated sliding sensor gate that use an electric gate opener. It will protect your time, pressure, and offer additional stages of security. Landscaping and vehicle parking area potential are no longer problems when you decide on having automated sliding gate for your property. You can use even the place right by the sliding gate because it will not take up a large place when starting or finishing. More lightweight features considerably benefit by deciding to go with establishing automated sliding gateways. Style and production of these kinds of sliding automated doors are done with the aid of perfection technological innovation. As such, they are designed with strength and performance in mind. Automatic opening doors are designed to be a durable one. Almost everyone wants to keep their surround secured and secure, whether it is a commercial or residential area. For this, an automated sliding sensor system is being used by people these days. Monitoring, tracking, steel gate, aware among others are made with the high-end material and impressive technological innovation that effective to create a secured commercial or residential environment. By establishing this automated sensor gate, you can protect illegal actions like robbery. If you are interested in having the advantages of these services, then it is incredibly suggested for you to see at our Motion Sensor Automatic Sliding Glass Door. Sometimes we see that while anyone enters into any kind of shop,market or super shop, then the glass door opens automatically and after entering that door closes automatically also. Today we will discuss about this gate which is known as Motion Sensor Automatic Sliding Glass Door.  Which kinds of door are making path to enter and opens from middle and will go to two sides,we can call those gates as sliding door. Such as in Bangladesh we can see these type of gates in the supershop (Meena Bazar,Prince Bazaar, Agoora, Shopno etc). if the door will open by going to two sides after entering people then we call it Automatic sliding door


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    This is awesome product and we use this product for our clothing store.

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    We use this auto sliding glass door and this is very essential product for supermarket and other shop.

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