Automatic Hydraulic Road Blocker Barrier System in Bangladesh

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Key Points Of Product

  • Performance: Hydraulic Road Blocker Barrier System provides a high level of security against unauthorized vehicle access. You can use this to stop any wheeled vehicles access into the premises. 
  • Strength and Durability: This road security equipment is constructed in quality manufacturing features using large evaluate materials to give highest possible strength and durability. 
  • Flexibility: This road blocker ensures flexibility to interface with all forms of access control equipment to suit specific customer requirements. 
  • Reliable and Dependable: Hydraulic Road Blocker System is an ideal product to protect high security establishments, iconic buildings and critical infrastructure. It is a highly dependable security product that will easily interface with a wide range of control equipment. 
  • Safety: This is a specialist high security product and is designed for use with vehicles only and a full site risk assessment must be carried out at design stage to ensure that all relevant safety systems are included.

Product Features

·         Confidence in proven performance
·         Strength and durability
·         Operational under power failure conditions
·         Flexibility to interface with all forms of access control
·         Reliable and dependable
·         Simple to install

Product Specification

·         PLATFORM HEIGHT ABOVE GROUND·         1000mm
·         PLATFORM LENGTH·         STANDARD: 2m-3m-4m-5m-6m
·         PLATFORM DEPTH·         300mm
·         MOVEMENT·         HYDRAULIC
·         RISING SPEED·         8s
·         LOWERING SPEED·         5s
·         LOAD CLASS·         UNI D400
·         TYPE OF USE·         INTENSIVE
·         VOLTAGE FOR CONTROL UNIT·         230V - 50/60Hz
·         BREAKOUT RESISTANCE·         2.000.000 J
·         Brand·         Pilomat
·         Origin·         Italy

Why Use This Product

With commercial residence criminal activity on the rise and the increased risk of an enemy attack insurance charges are going up, the protection conscious home proprietor needs to create up your mind on how to best protect and secure the house against protection risks. Most protection breaches are made on site entry and quit, 70% of these are vehicle assisted strikes. An accident rated Hydraulic Road Blocker Barrier System is the most important investment a home proprietor can certainly create. This is why Nobarun international has thought to bring this road equipment in Bangladesh.

A well used and affordable design, the great security System offers a visual obstruction to potential protection strikes. The System can work together with existing and combined equipment.

Electromechanical, surface installed protection Hydraulic Road Blocker Barrier System for important places and structures demanding higher degree of protection. This Barrier System is widely used to manage vehicle accessibility at great protection and medium-high protection websites all over the World. It is also getting used to offer vehicle accessibility management at websites which, although not “high security” nevertheless have problems such as car robbery, criminal damage, prevention of vehicle parking expenses and unlawful vehicle parking / accessibility. This System is also used to offer complete protection of property which might be otherwise susceptible to “Ram-Raiding”. However the most acquainted places for the Barrier System are still Army Angles, Entryways to Bank Containers, Cash in Transportation and Security Protecting Companies, Cops Channels, Air-ports, Power Channels, Government Buildings and Embassies.

The Road Blocker System is main key element of your protection plan, especially to prevent pressured and illegal automobile. Our System is the final in avoiding accessibility at your site or property, it provides high protection combined with a very noticeable barrier and can be set up in a variety of different programs.

We offer Hydraulic Road Blocker Barrier System that is hard, efficient and uncompromising, offering perfect road blocker solution for protection against undesirable vehicle accessibility in both operated and unmanned automobile vehicle parking areas. They also provide an excellent obstruction against the most identified burglar. Our System is created to secure and prevent disruption from illegal moving automobiles. We have a number of street blockers that can be used along street ends, car recreational areas, manufacturing facilities, Resorts, Medical centers and industries etc.

Some delicate areas, such as army, plants, government structures, etc demand an advanced level of protection. For these programs, Hydraulic Road Blocker Barrier System can offer great protection limitations, a range of vehicle security and sinkable limitations - such as great protection street blockers. Because situations of aware at delicate areas are never stand still, This Road Blocker System is generally only used when in a great condition of aware. At other times, vehicle limitations, gateways, bollards or a mixture of all are used to protect the external border.

Where there is a risk of car strike, in addition to the control of car access, then Hydraulic Road Blocker Barrier System is the ultimate solution for border protection. Even though the strike may be from great tonnage vehicles traveling at great rates of speed - the impact damage triggered to the front, tires and the bottom of your motor vehicle will stop it from moving. Optional protection devices like photocells, inductive cycle sensors, blinking lighting or red/green traffic lighting can be incorporated to the system very easily.


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